Body of Research: The Professors Perversion Vivian Lux



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Body of Research: The Professors Perversion  by  Vivian Lux

Body of Research: The Professors Perversion by Vivian Lux
| Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, RTF | 34 pages | ISBN: | 4.44 Mb

C.J. is spending too much time fantasizing about her mysterious and sexy Pysch professor and not enough time studying for his class. When she finds that she is in danger of failing, she begs him for extra credit. He agrees, provided she act as a test subject for his latest research.But is C.J. acting of her own volition, or is the hold her Professor has on her something more sinister?WARNING: This 8500+ word erotic short story is contains mind control threesome sex, bisexual desire, female masturbation and light domination.

It is dark and sexy and definitely intended for mature readers only.Excerpt:C.J. watched, half in revulsion, half in fascination, as Paul crawled on all fours to Professor Wade’s feet. Bending at the elbows, he planted a kiss on the soft leather of the Professor’s shoe. First one shoe, then the other.“Again,” the Professor ordered and Paul complied.“Now you.” He looked C.J. right in the eye. The effect of his gaze was hypnotic. Almost as if drugged she slipped off the couch onto all fours. She crawled across the wooden floor to where he stood.

She looked at Paul, on all fours next to her. This is right. She kissed his shoe and without being asked, kissed the other.

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