I Love You, Little One [With Free Gift Cards] Nancy Tafuri

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I Love You, Little One [With Free Gift Cards]  by  Nancy Tafuri

I Love You, Little One [With Free Gift Cards] by Nancy Tafuri
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I really wanted to love this one, but I have to admit that I struggle with it a bit- in part due to my propensity to overthink things. Its not that I dislike the books sentiment (mothers having unconditional love for their children forever and ever and always is awesome) but because Im sorry, but the oak tree does not love the owl, the river does not love the deer, and the stars do not love people.

Nature is, unfortunately, not really kind, and the river and the stars could probably care less about anyone. I could overlook that if the analogies actually made sense in terms of a mothers love, but they only work in the most stretched sense. For instance, Mama Bear loves her cub like a mountain, sturdy and safe and giving shelter. That kind of makes sense. Mama Deer loving her fawn like the river, giving cool water to drink makes rather less sense. And since, for instance, there could be a drought and the mouses wild rye food source could disappear, or the river could become polluted and a bad place to drink, saying that you love someone like rye or like an oak tree seems a little less certain than forever and ever and always.

That being said, the pictures are beautiful and my kids both really enjoyed the book (My 4-year-old actually told me the other day that he loved me forever and ever and always just like the book. Awwww) so it gets 4 stars regardless of my struggles with overthinking it. :)

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